Comparing a Modern Home to a Traditional Home

The decision to choose which style of home to buy or build can be quite difficult. There are so many compelling architectural designs to pick from. These designs can be broadly categorized into two, traditional and modern. Most make the mistake of thinking modern means new and traditional means old. In reality, this is not so. We look at the two, comparing the styles.


Traditional homes refer to any home influenced by classical building styles. Styles such as colonial, victorian, neoclassical, craftsmen, etc. Their features usually include dormers, pointed and tall roofs with gables, rafters, overhanging beams, and open porches. These houses are typically built with brick, plaster, wood, stones, and stucco. 

Modern houses are usually simple. They abandoned all the extravagant flourishes of a traditional home for a clean and simple look. The architecture is minimalist, with low sloped or flat roof, unadorned exterior, and uncomplicated interior. Modern houses use building materials such as plastic, concrete, and metal.

The Differences

The Floor Plan:

Traditional homes usually have a larger space than modern homes. However, the floor plan divides this ample space into smaller rooms. On the other hand, modern homes maximize space with large multi-purpose rooms and lots of open spaces. This makes many homeowners prefer an interior with modern style even when they go for a traditional exterior.

Windows and Lighting:

One of the things most traditional homes have in common is their similar small windows. This makes artificial lighting essential. However, modern homes have taken advantage of the development of technology to incorporate windows of various shapes and sizes into the house. Some even have a skylight, making artificial lighting less important. Traditional homes usually make up for this with classical window designs such as stained glasses and antique lighting and woodwork.


Traditional homes usually go with dark wood materials. Modern homes prefer lighter materials, whether in wood, rug, or concrete. The light material is more functional as it works well with most colors and gives the room a more extensive and brighter look.


Traditional homes usually have large kitchens with well-spaced cabinets mostly made from wood. On the other hand, the modern kitchen favors storage over space with every equipment compactly organized into the small kitchen.


The most significant feature of a traditional home is the emphasis on decorations. The interior and exterior are usually exquisitely decorated. Usually with designs such as intricate rooftops, carved moldings, handcrafted wood and metal works, etc. Modern designs did away with all this because modernists believe decorations are only to compensate for poor designs. The sleek building does not need decorations to stand out.

When making a decision on which to build, we recommend that you build a home that incorporates both home features. Both have their selling point, i.e., what makes them stand out. Today, many contemporary homes show the influence of both traditional and modern homes. However, remember this when you are buying. Traditional homes are better as they usually come cheaper. They can be easily remodeled and contains vintage items that can be used during remodeling.