When building a home, there are many decisions to make. One of the first is whether your home will be custom-built or just one of the many houses built by a general contractor. A custom home means your home will be built based on specifications peculiar to you, meaning you have to make more decisions on designs, architecture, features, etc. More decisions for you. What encompasses all those decisions is the style of home you want to build, whether traditional or modern. We look at the different features of both houses and what distinguishes the building of either style.


A traditional home is one that has the features of one historic architecture or the other. It doesn’t necessarily mean old, as many people have confused traditional style homes to be.

On the other hand, a modern home focuses on simplistic designs in its floor plans, materials used, and decorative finishes.


The traditional home building uses traditional materials like bricks, stucco, plaster, stone, and wood.

On the other hand, modern homes use modern and more efficient building materials such as concrete, which can be ordinary, reinforced, or even precast. Wood is also used to add a contrast to the dull grey of the concrete.


One of the most places where the distinction between modern and traditional homes is most evident in the kitchen. A traditional kitchen is designed to have wide space, with its furniture spread apart. The cabinets are built with polished or distressed wood.

Modern kitchen on the hand maximizes space and makes the best of a small area by providing storage and designing the cabinets and other kitchen features easily. Here, builders can build cabinets into walls and high up to create storage space.


Traditional homes reflect historical styles such as Victorian, neoclassical, colonial, etc. While there may be a difference in these styles, they all have common features such as wide and open porches, roofs with gables, overhanging rafters, etc. 

Architectural design is not a big deal in a modern building. Every piece of architecture serves a functional purpose. It is designed to be simple, with no unnecessary elegant flourishes, especially on the exterior.


The cost of building a home is determined by factors such as the cost of labor, location, size, and quality of materials used. However, regardless of all these factors, building a modern home is more expensive than that of a traditional home.

This is because the structure of a traditional home is one that can be very challenging for the builders. This home prides itself on having wide space due to its floor plans. This means fewer walls. Thus it is more challenging to support the roof or floor above. Additional structural beams are used to solve this problem. Custom builders for modern homes are expected to be precise so that the house can be perfect. This is due to the various precise details that go into buildings a modern home, and the fact that there are no decorative finishes to cover up any imperfections in the structure.  Another feature that takes cost is the high-end large windows that are commonly used.


Building a modern home will usually take more time than it will take to build a traditional one. According to experts, a modern home will require about twenty-five percent more time to complete than a traditional home. If you’re planning to build a modern custom home, be ready to wait the extra time.


The decorative finishes and picturesque architecture of a traditional home make them a great place to live in, but a modern home is not without its charms. Choosing which style to build can be difficult, which is why many homeowners nowadays incorporate both styles into their custom home, the home is custom after all. For advice on which style would best suit you feel free to visit the premiere Home Builders Oahu has to offer.